URBAN GALLERY 旨在傳遞一個簡單的訊息,談環保,可以從認識生活物件開始。以綠色議題為核心的意識選品,嘗試去發現物品更多被使用的可能性並推行其永續的價值,與品味契合的消費,才可以跟著你更久。

Taste is just as unique as personality. It determines how you dress, how you arrange your desk, and what your room looks like. From the inside out, it shapes your form of existence. Becoming informed about a product’s story is an important step in improving quality of life.

Urban Gallery promotes a simple message: “Environmental conservation starts with the things we use in everyday life.”

We adhere to green principles in our selections, searching for new sustainable possibilities, finding ways to extend a product’s life cycle.

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  • 優居選品松菸店
    10:00 - 18:00 每月最後一週週二公休